19 October 2011

SPRING/ SUMMER 2012: Pastels and Whites

It is sort of painful to be thinking about Spring/Summer fashion already as it is getting chilly for the first time but, alas, the fashion season runs at a lightning fast pace. A huge huge huge trend for s/s is white (and other light colors) everywhere. It's beautiful and fresh and I might even get a jump start on the trend and be donning more white this winter. I loved everything about the Louis Vuitton collection below. It had '60s vibes and the models rode on a freakin' carousel during the runway show. Can't really get cooler than that. Chanel never fails to impress and Gaultier and Valli are two designers I have had a designer crush on for ages. Here are white and bright some looks I adore from the designers I adore:

Louis Vuitton:

Giambattista Valli:

Jean Paul Gaultier:


photos from Vogue.com

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