29 December 2011


I know I know, I've been a very bad blogger lately. But it's the holidays and things always get kind of ridiculous around these merry times. However, yesterday I had a little holiday swaray and I wanted to share with you some photos from the event's decor! Seeing as the party was a post-Christmas dinner party, I wanted to make sure it didn't reference the recently passed holiday too much, but still wanted to have some glitz of the season. I used a cool turquoise/green scheme and silk hydrangeas from Michael's created a focus. A ring of votive candles and smaller tea candles created sweet ambient light and I scattered antique medicine bottles for a rustic, anthropologie-esque feeling. The china I used was my great-grandmothers and I love the slight wear on it, showing years of love and use for these treasured antique dishes. The napkins, I discovered, were something my mother had collected in Germany. I love using and digging through all of the ridiculous amounts of things my family has acquired over the years and using as well as cherishing them. It is always such an interesting mix of old and new, thrifted and heirloom. I love having people over and getting everyone together. Cooking and decorating are some of my favorite hobbies also so this event combined all the things I love AND the friends I love as well!

10 December 2011

Metallic Madness and Giles Spring 2012

Giles is one of those designers that continues to impress me with his edgy but wearable style aesthetic. He seems like a designer who loves to have fun with fashion, but simultaneously thinks deeply about what his consumer would love. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to nail it in fashion. I'm horribly into sparkles, glitter, and all things metallic but the love affair is extraordinarily heightened around the holidays. Christmas and New Years provide a perfect excuse for the "more is more" mentality of fashion. I am almost always on the prowl around this time for my metallic New Years get up. If only it could be from this Giles Spring 2012 collection... But regardless of how it will not end up in my closet, this collection is beautiful and seamlessly transitions between rich metallic fabrics, a beautiful swan print, feathers, neutral warm beige, and even sheer, while keeping the ideas of layers, birds, and flight. The collection remains sleek while having hints of outlandishness. In a word: perfection.

Photos via elle.com

01 December 2011

Illustrative and Imaginative Ricardo Fumanal

I don't know much about Ricardo Fumanal's personal life. I know he was born in Huesca and lived in Barcelona and Madrid before moving to London (where, apparently, all the cool people live- but this I could have guessed). He has studied graphic design, printing techniques, and has collaborated with one of my favorite albeit British fashion magazines, Dazed & Confused, as well as fashion designers like Lou Dalton with his illustrations. You don't have to know anything about Ricardo Fumanal's background, though to know that he is really good at what he does. His beautiful smooth blended aesthetic and the overlapping and interweaving of his forms surely win him my awe and respect. All images are from his website, http://www.ricardofumanal.com/.

Adoring Charlotte Dellal

So what do you get when you mix a cat obsession, a penchant for 1940s glamour, and design brilliance all in one person? You get my soul mate, Charlotte Dellal! Her shoe brand, Charlotte Olympia, is known for it's elegant and retro inspired designs that always have a touch of quirkiness about them. I've had a girl crush on Ms. Dellal ever since I read about her chic and sweet wedding in an issue of Vogue. A dear friend of hers (who just happens to be one of my favorite designers ever), Giambattista Valli, made her show-stopping wedding gown and this was the moment when I decided her life may well be my dream future.

Loving her kitty cat hat!

Another reason for featuring this idol of mine is because I came across these too cute Kitty flats from Charlotte Olympia and I love them! I wish they weren't so expensive, but a girl can still swoon...

Photos from My Fashion Database, Charlotte Olympia website, brusday blog, Wedding Inspirasi, and Harper's Bazaar.