10 December 2011

Metallic Madness and Giles Spring 2012

Giles is one of those designers that continues to impress me with his edgy but wearable style aesthetic. He seems like a designer who loves to have fun with fashion, but simultaneously thinks deeply about what his consumer would love. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to nail it in fashion. I'm horribly into sparkles, glitter, and all things metallic but the love affair is extraordinarily heightened around the holidays. Christmas and New Years provide a perfect excuse for the "more is more" mentality of fashion. I am almost always on the prowl around this time for my metallic New Years get up. If only it could be from this Giles Spring 2012 collection... But regardless of how it will not end up in my closet, this collection is beautiful and seamlessly transitions between rich metallic fabrics, a beautiful swan print, feathers, neutral warm beige, and even sheer, while keeping the ideas of layers, birds, and flight. The collection remains sleek while having hints of outlandishness. In a word: perfection.

Photos via elle.com

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